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Fun and Easy Money-Making Ideas for Teens


    Just because you’re a teen, it doesn’t mean you have to be broke.

    You’re probably eager to start earning some money of your own.

    When you earn your own cash, you can save up way faster for all the shiny new things you want to buy. No more asking mom and dad for the new iPhone when you can purchase it yourself.

    I’ve rounded up a list of creative and best of all fun side hustles that will not only help you make money but also allow you to express your passions and talents.

    Make money Flipping items

    Yes, Gary Vee’s favorite pass time.

    Flipping items is a fantastic way for teens to make money while honing your entrepreneurial skills.

    It involves buying items at a low cost and then reselling them at a higher price, allowing you to pocket the profit.

    Start by scouring thrift stores, yard sales, or online marketplaces for hidden gems, such as vintage clothing, collectibles, or unique home decor items. With some research and a keen eye, you can identify undervalued items that have the potential to fetch a higher price.

    Enhance the appeal of your finds by cleaning them up, taking appealing photographs, and writing detailed descriptions for online listings.

    Platforms like eBay, Depop, or local Facebook groups can serve as excellent selling platforms.

    As you gain experience, you’ll become better at spotting valuable items and negotiating deals, turning your knack for flipping into a profitable side hustle.

    Make money with a blog

    Starting a blog can be a profitable venture for teens looking to make money.

    It allows you to express your passions, share your knowledge, and connect with a like-minded audience.

    To get started, choose a niche or topic that you’re passionate about and that has the potential to attract a dedicated readership. Whether it’s fashion, gaming, beauty, or any other interest.

    Create valuable and engaging content that resonates with your target audience.

    As your blog grows in popularity, you can monetize it through various means. One popular method is through display advertising, where you partner with ad networks like Google AdSense or Ezoic to display ads on your blog and earn revenue based on clicks or impressions.

    Another option is affiliate marketing, where you promote products or services and earn a commission for every sale generated through your unique affiliate links.

    You can even create your own digital products, such as e-books or online courses, to sell to your audience.

    Just note that blogging is not a get rich quick thing, it takes dedication, consistency and TIME to build a profitable side hustle.

    Make and sell stuff

    The possibilities are endless when it comes to the things you can make and sell. The key is to choose something you enjoy making and find a market that appreciates your creations.

    Here’s a list of items you can make and sell:

    • Handmade jewelry like, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.
    • Artwork like paintings, drawings or digital designs.
    • Hair accessories like clips and scrunchies
    • Candles
    • Bath bombs
    • Personalized keychains
    • Custom merchandise like T-shirts, phone cases and stickers featuring your unique artwork.
    • Digital products like phone wallpapers, printable planners or even mobile apps.
    • Homemade treats like cookies, cupcakes or specialty desserts.

    Set up an online store or participate in local craft fairs to showcase your designs and connect with customers.

    With a little creativity, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit, teens like you can turn your hobby into a thriving business venture.

    So, roll up your sleeves, let your imagination run wild, and start making and selling your way to success!

    Make money on Youtube

    Create your own channel on Youtube and make entertaining Youtube videos that attracts viewers.

    Here are some popular video ideas that have the potential to attract viewers:

    1. Vlogs: Documenting your daily life, sharing experiences, and offering insights into your hobbies, interests, and adventures.
    2. Tutorials and How-to’s: Teaching viewers how to do something, whether it’s art techniques, makeup tutorials, DIY projects, gaming tips, or cooking recipes.
    3. Challenges and Pranks: Taking part in popular challenges or creating fun and entertaining pranks that can entertain and engage viewers.
    4. Educational Content: Creating informative and educational videos on topics you’re passionate about, such as science experiments, history lessons, or language tutorials.
    5. Gaming: Recording and sharing your gaming sessions, walkthroughs, reviews, and tips on popular video games.
    6. Comedy and Skits: Showcase your comedic talents by creating funny sketches, parodies, or comedic commentary on various subjects.
    7. Music Covers and Performances: Displaying your musical talents by sharing covers of popular songs, original compositions, or even performing live music.
    8. Fashion and Style: Offering fashion tips, outfit ideas, clothing hauls, or sharing your unique sense of style.
    9. Product Reviews: Provide honest reviews and opinions on products, gadgets, books, movies, or other items that your target audience may find useful.
    10. Personal Stories and Inspirational Content: Share personal stories, experiences, and motivational messages to inspire and connect with viewers on a deeper level.

    Teens can join the YouTube Partner Program from 18 years old, if you’re younger you can link to an Adsense account of a parent, and start earning income from ads displayed on your videos. To join the program, you need to grow your audience to 1000 subscribers and have 4000 public watch hours within a 12 month period.

    Additionally, you can leverage your YouTube platform to drive traffic to other revenue streams. For example, you can link to merchandise you sell, promote affiliate products, or even direct viewers to a Patreon page where they can support your channel and access exclusive content.

    As with anything it takes creativity and a knack for entertaining or educating others.

    So grab your camera (or phone), unleash your creativity, and start sharing your unique perspective with the world through YouTube!

    Earn money walking dogs

    Teens can earn money by offering dog walking services, which can be a rewarding and fun way to make extra income.

    To get started, you can spread the word among friends, family, and neighbors, letting them know about your services. Create flyers or posters with your contact information and details about the dog walking service, and distribute them in local community centers or pet stores.

    You can also sign up on online platforms and apps dedicated to connecting dog owners with dog walkers. Have a look at the following platforms:

    1. Rover is a well-known online marketplace that connects dog owners with dog walkers and pet sitters. Teens can create a profile highlighting their experience and availability, set their rates, and respond to dog walking requests from local pet owners.
    2. Wag! is another platform that allows teens to sign up as dog walkers. They can create a profile, undergo a screening process, and start receiving dog walking requests from dog owners in their area.
    3. is primarily known for its childcare services, but it also offers a section dedicated to pet care, including dog walking. Teens can create profiles, specify their dog walking services, and interact with pet owners seeking assistance.

    Building a positive reputation is important, so teens should treat every dog with care, ensuring their safety during walks and following any specific instructions provided by the dog owners.

    By offering reliable and responsible dog walking services, teens can not only earn money but also develop valuable skills in pet care and responsibility.

    Make money washing cars

    Teens can make money by offering car washing services to your neighbors, family members, or local community.

    Here’s how you can get started with a car washing business:

    Advertise your Services: Create flyers or posters advertising car washing services and distribute them in your neighborhood or local community. You can also use online platforms or social media to spread the word.

    To provide a professional car washing service, you will need a few essential supplies such as buckets, sponges, car wash soap, microfiber towels, and a hose.

    It’s important to research the going rates for car washing services in the area and set competitive prices.

    Focus on delivering high-quality service to customers. Pay attention to detail, thoroughly clean both the exterior and interior of the vehicles, and ensure customer satisfaction.

    By providing exceptional service, you can build a reputation and attract referrals and repeat business.

    Make money with lawn care and gardening

    Love being outdoors? Offer your services for yard work, such as mowing lawns, raking leaves, trim bushes, weed gardens or planting flowers.

    Additionally, showcase your green thumb by offering gardening services, like maintaining planters, watering plants or creating small herb gardens for neighbors.

    Advertise your services through flyers, local bulletin boards, or word-of-mouth, to attract potential customers who are in need of assistance with their outdoor spaces.

    Make money on Fiverr

    Teens can make money on Fiverr by utilizing their skills and talents to offer various services to a wide range of clients.

    You can create a profile on Fiverr and showcase your expertise in areas such as graphic design, writing and editing, social media management, voiceover work, video editing, programming, and more.

    Make sure you set competitive prices for services and deliver high-quality work.

    Start by offering smaller projects to gain experience and positive reviews, which will help build your reputation on the platform.

    Teens can leverage their creativity, passion, and technical skills to stand out in the competitive Fiverr marketplace and earn money by providing valuable services to clients seeking assistance with their projects.

    Shovel snow for cash in Winter

    During the winter months, teens can take advantage of snowy conditions and earn cash by offering snow shoveling services.

    Advertise snow shoveling services to neighbors, friends, and local community members who need assistance clearing their driveways, sidewalks, and walkways.

    Create flyers or use social media platforms to spread the word about your snow shoveling business.

    It’s important for teens to bundle up in warm clothing, bring their own snow shovels, and work diligently to complete the job.

    Shoveling snow can be physically demanding, but it offers an excellent opportunity for teens to earn money while helping others.

    Event DJ

    If you have a passion for music and love to entertain, consider becoming a DJ. Provide the music at birthday parties and events.

    With the availability of affordable DJ equipment and software, teens can start by practicing their mixing and blending skills at home. They can create a diverse playlist that caters to different genres and moods to ensure a lively and engaging atmosphere at events.

    To gain experience and exposure, teens can offer their DJ services for school events, local parties, and community gatherings.

    By providing excellent music selection, seamless transitions, and a vibrant energy, teens can establish themselves as talented event DJs and enjoy the thrill of making money doing what they love.

    Manage Social media for money

    Teens are known for being social media-savvy.

    Leverage these skills and knowledge to manage social media accounts for businesses and individuals, earning money while doing so.

    With the ever-growing importance of social media in today’s digital landscape, many businesses and influencers require assistance in effectively managing their online presence. Teens can offer their services as social media managers by curating engaging content, scheduling posts, responding to comments and messages, and implementing growth strategies.

    Start by showcasing your own well-managed social media profiles and build a portfolio of your work. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook can serve as channels to promote your services and attract potential clients.

    Stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and demonstrate your creativity in content creation. By providing exceptional customer service, teens can build a reputation as reliable and skilled social media managers, earning money while helping others maximize their online presence.

    Remember to explore your passions and talents to find a side hustle that aligns with your interests.

    Be creative and think outside the box to stand out from the competition and attract customers.