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Free money savings printables


    Saving can be a daunting task and (just like diets) so difficult to stick to.

    A fun and easy way to stay on track is with my free visual savings trackers. You can see where your end goal is, and almost more importantly, how far you’ve come.

    Money Savings printables

    Grab one now, they are all free. Simply click on the one you want to download:

    Benefits of using a visual savings tracker

    • It’s a visual reminder to save.
    • By tracking your progress, you’ll save more.
    • Keeps you motivated to keep going.
    • Helps you reach your goals.

    How to use money saving trackers

    1. Download and print out one of my free savings printables.
    2. Fill in your goal and how much each picture will represent. (Like for instance if your goal is to save $1000, divide it into the amount of pictures on the page for instance 100. $1000 / 100 = $10. So for every $10 you save, you color in one picture. Let’s say you put $50 into your savings, then for this example you will color 5 pictures. When all 100 pictures are colored in, you will have reached your goal of $1000)
    3. Put it somewhere you can see it every day. Put it on the notice board in your office or paste it into your diary or just keep them in a file. (Yes, you can do more than one at a time.)
    4. Color the pictures or chart in as you add an amount to your savings.
    5. Celebrate when you reach your goal.

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