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Kitty Savings Challenge set


    In today’s world, where financial stability and future security are uncertain, saving money has become crucial.

    Here are a few things that people commonly save for:

    • An emergency fund
    • Securing a comfortable retirement
    • Your kids’ education
    • To buy a home
    • To take that much needed holiday
    • Healthcare
    • A wedding

    There are also a lot of smaller expenses that you may need to save for, like:

    • Home appliances or furniture
    • School clothes and stationery
    • A new laptop
    • Pet care
    • New bedding
    • Plants
    • Books
    • You name it …

    Why should i use a savings tracker?

    One of the most significant advantages of using a savings tracker is the ability to visualize your progress.

    As you diligently record your savings activities, you’ll witness your funds grow incrementally over time.

    This visual representation serves as a constant reminder of how far you’ve come and motivates you to keep pushing towards your goals.

    Seeing tangible progress on your savings tracker is incredibly motivating.

    Whether you’re reaching milestones, inching closer to your target amount, or surpassing your goals, each accomplishment fuels your motivation to continue saving.

    Harness this positive reinforcement to stay focused and committed to your financial journey.

    If you’re a cat person, you are going to love this Savings Challenge set.

    What’s included in the Kitty savings challenge set?

    3 x A4 Kitty savings trackers

    3 x A6 Kitty savings trackers

    3 x matching cash envelopes

    A4 Kitty Savings Challenges

    A6 Kitty Saving Challenges

    Kitty cash envelopes

    Where to get this set:

    If you’re South African, this set is available on my online store here: Kitty Savings Challenge set

    Or you can get it on my ETSY store by clicking here.

    Or get the A6 trackers only

    A6 Kitty Savings Challenges on my online store.

    A6 Kitty Savings Challenges on ETSY.

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