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100 Envelope Savings Challenge

    You can make this year the year where you finally start saving money and I have just the thing to help you start your savings journey.

    Try the 100 envelope savings challenge.

    Doing the 100 envelope savings challenge is a fun way to save, that will also help you stay on track. It’s exciting to actually see how far you’ve come and will motivate you to keep going.

    How it works – 100 Savings Envelope Challenge:

    1. Buy or print out 100 envelopes.
    2. Number the envelopes from 1 to 100 and place it in a convenient box or drawer.
    3. There are 2 ways to use these envelopes. You can shuffle the envelopes and pick a random envelope, then place the same amount of money in the envelope as the number on the envelope that you drew. For example, if you drew envelope number 13, then you place $13 inside.
    4. Or you can start with the amount of money that you have available to save and take out the number envelopes that will correspond to the amount that you have and place the money inside (it can be one or more envelopes). For example, if you have $65 dollars, then you can take out envelope number 65 and place the money inside. If envelope 65 has already been used, then split it into let’s say envelope 15 and 50.
    5. Store the filled envelopes in a different box.
    6. Repeat until all 100 envelopes have been filled.

    How much money can you save with the 100 Savings Envelope Challenge?

    When all 100 envelopes have been filled, you will have saved R 5050.

    100 Envelope Savings Challenge downloads:

    Click here to – Download the 100 Envelope Savings Challenge template –

    Number your 100 Envelopes

    Print out the numbers onto 100 envelopes for the 100 Envelope Savings Challenge

    Buy a pack of 100 envelopes. (Envelope size 90 mm by 152 mm or 3.5″ x 6″) Check out this pack of 100 colored envelopes.

    You can either number all 100 envelopes by hand or you can print them onto the envelopes with this pdf I created for you.

    It not only looks cute, but will save you a lot of time.

    Click here to Open the free – Envelope Numbers pdf –

    Mini Savings Envelopes

    If you can’t buy 100 envelopes and want to print and make your own little savings envelopes, you can use my little envelope templates.

    Simply, download, print, cut out and glue the 2 flaps.

    I would love to see if you tried any of my savings printabales. Let me know how it’s going or share a progress photo.

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