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12 Months Boho savings plan – free A6 printable trackers


    Track your savings month by month for a whole year and achieve your financial goals.

    Why should i use a savings tracker?

    Using a Savings Tracker printable that you color as you save is a fun and effective way to track your progress towards your financial goals.

    It offers a visual representation of your progress that can help keep you motivated and hold you accountable. A savings tracker printable is a simple way to track your savings progress over time. You can easily see how much you have saved and how much you have left to reach your goal. And coloring in the sections can make it more enjoyable and easier to keep track of your progress.

    This 12 months savings tracker is customizable to your own goals. You decide how much you want to save.

    Click here to get my FREE – Boho 12 months savings tracker pdf –

    click on this image to download the 12 months savings printable

    How to use this savings tracker:

    1. Download and Print this savings tracker.
    2. Set a Goal. Decide how much you want to save each month and fill in your goal amount.
    3. Work out how much each shape is. Take your goal amount and divide it by the 30 shapes. (Let’s say your goal amount is $600, divide it by 30 = $20 per shape. So every time you save $20, you color in a shape. When all shapes are colored in you will have saved your goal amount.)
    4. Start saving, add money to your savings and color the shapes as you go.
    5. Reach your savings goals.
    6. Celebrate!

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