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BOHO Savings Trackers A6 – FREE pdf


    It’s not always easy to save money.

    This is why I create printables to help you to not only start saving, but to keep on saving until you reach your savings goals.

    My savings challenges will inspire you to start saving and motivate you to keep going.

    By tracking how much you save and coloring in a block each time, you will see how far you’ve come and more importantly how far you have to go to reach the finish line.

    You are much more likely to reach your goal if you can visualize it in front of you every day.

    So go ahead, decide how much you want to save and go for it.

    Print out these free trackers, write down your savings goal and just start.

    The last tracker in this Boho themed set even has a space at the top where you can write down what you are saving for.

    BOHO themed Savings Trackers A6

    Download this cute Free printable Boho savings trackers – A6 Savings Challenges. Simply click to open the pdf and print it out yourself.

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