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Birthday Savings Envelopes – Freebie


    Birthdays are more than just turning a year older. It comes with cake, gifts, balloons, decorations, a venue, food, drinks and a hefty price tag.

    Get ahead of your next party by preparing for it now.

    Take the financial headache out of your next celebration or kids party, so you can focus on creating memories with friends and family that will last a life time.

    To make preparing for your next celebration easier, I have designed these super cute Birthday Savings Envelopes that you can download right now for Free.

    Are you ready to start preparing for a fun filled celebration.

    Get the Birthday Savings Envelopes now

    How to make the savings envelopes:

    1. Click on the link to Download the Birthday Envelopes now.
    2. Print it out.
    3. Cut out the envelope template, fold along the lines and glue the 2 flaps.
    4. You’re ready to start saving.

    How to use the Birthday Envelopes:

    1. You can create an envelope for each family member and write their name in the space under ‘Savings’.
    2. Decide how much you need to save and write it by Total.
    3. Divide the total by the 20 spaces available to save, write it by Each space =

    For example: If you want to save 1000, you divide it by 20 which equals 50. So for every 50 you save, you can color a line. When all lines are colored-in you will have 1000 in the envelope. You can complete as many envelopes as you like.

    4. Remember to color in a line every time you place the money in the envelope.

    You will start to feel the excitement as you inch closer to your savings goal.

    The satisfaction of reaching your savings target is as sweet as blowing out the candles on the birthday cake!

    Remember: Birthdays are about creating lasting memories, not financial stress.

    So, here’s your chance to get a head start.

    Explore my blog for additional resources and loads more savings challenges.