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Christmas savings challenges – Free


    Whatever time of the year it is, it’s always a good time to get started saving for Christmas.

    Get any of my free Christmas savings challenge printables to help make it easy for you to save.

    Take the unnecessary stress out of the holidays by planning ahead and saving for Christmas now.

    1. Christmas envelope – savings challenge

    Saving up for Christmas gifts and expenses is a great way to avoid wracking up any credit card debt. You don’t want to still be paying for this Christmas by next year. Start now and plan for a great Christmas.

    How to use this christmas savings envelope:

    First decide how much you need to save for Christmas and write the amount in the space for Goal.

    Then divide your Goal amount by 25 (the amount of rows in the tree) and you will get how much each row is. Let’s say you want to save 1250. 1250 divided by 25 is 50. Every time you put 50 in the envelope, you mark off a row. When all the rows are completed you will have your savings goal amount.

    Click here to – Download the Christmas Savings Envelope template –

    2. Christmas Savings Tracker

    Get this free Christmas savings tracker and save $1000.

    How To Use It:

    Color in the appropriate picture every time you add an amount to your savings.

    • Color in any Christmas tree for $100
    • Color in any reindeer for $50
    • Color in any present for $25
    • and Color in any holly for $10 saved.

    So for example if you have $25 to add to your savings, then color in one present.

    Click here to download the – Christmas Savings Tracker –

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