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Creative business ideas – you can try


    If you’re a creative person, you can earn extra income on the side and later even turn it into your full time gig.

    It’s very important to have a creative outlet, but why not turn your hobby into a money making business.

    Not sure what you can do? Here are some creative ideas that you can turn into cash.


    These are some of the scrunchies that my teenage daughter sells.

    If you have some basic sewing skills, you can make and sell scrunchies. Scrunchies are back with a bang and a fashion must have.

    I’ve made a load of scrunchies for my teenage daughter and she sells them to her friends. You can also create scrunchies in school colors and sell wholesale to stores that sell school uniforms.

    Create social media pages to market your scrunchies. TikTok works great, get your kids involved and create some fun videos, also include videos of your process, people love to see behind the scenes.

    Gumball machines

    A great way to make extra money on the side is with gumball machines.

    It’s as easy as purchasing your first gumball machine and gumballs to fill the machine. Go to a local store, restaurant or barber and ask if you can place the gumball machine at their location. Gumball machines are mechanical and don’t use electricity, so there is no expense to the shop owner. You can even offer them 10 % of the money you make in that machine.

    This is actually a very passive way to earn cash on the side. You only have to visit once a month or even once every 2 months to refill the machine and collect the money.

    Handmade paper

    Sell your handmade paper or use it to create products like unique wedding invitations.

    Businesses are always looking for ways to go eco friendly. Why not create eco friendly business cards from the paper you made using recycled paper.

    Kids Parties

    If you love being creative, then consider styling kids parties.

    You’ll get to create all the themed party decorations, party packs, center pieces and cupcake toppers.


    If you love baking, why not share that passion and sell your baked goods.

    Themed birthday cakes are a good option to get creative, you can take bookings and use the deposit to buy the ingredients. Check out our post Make money baking cakes here.

    If you bake the best cookies in town, you can turn it into a business. Selling edible Cookie dough is also a great idea.


    Crochet is a fun hobby and stress reliever. Turn your crochet skills into cash.

    There are so many items that you can make and sell, here are some best sellers:

    • Blankets
    • Baskets
    • Rugs
    • Beanies, scarves and infinity scarves
    • Cute soft toys
    • Amigurumi
    • Baby clothing, booties and bonnets

    Cake and cupcake toppers

    There are a lot of moms who want to bake their kids’ birthday cakes themselves. They still want it to look pretty, but as you know most moms don’t have a lot of time. Help a mom out by making ready made cupcake or cake toppers, so she can do the baking and just pop a topper on, voila, pretty cake and cupcakes.

    Start by making cute toppers and post them all over your social media and let people know you make and sell them.

    I hope something sparked an idea for you. Go and turn your creative skills into extra money. I believe in you. Let me know what creative hobby you are making money with.