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How To Become A Full Time Blogger


    Have you ever had the idea of becoming a full time blogger? 

    But you just don’t know where to start. 

    There are many people who have successfully become full time bloggers.  They have greatly improved their lives and make a great living.

    Starting your own blog is a step in the right direction, it can open doors and lead to many positives – even eventually quiting your job and blogging full time.

    I just want to tell you that it is Possible make a living from a blog.

    A few years ago I started a website for my then kids party business.   I never thought that this website would bring in an income of its own.  I knew nothing about blogging and just went on kinda doing my own thing.  I started to love it and now it’s all I ever want to do.

    Blogging starts out slow and the subject you want to blog about needs to be an absolute passion, so you don’t get bored and quit too soon.   

    If you want to become a full time blogger, you’re going to need a plan of action.

    Create A Plan

    There are a few things that you would need to think about before jumping into blogging, these include:

    Why do you want to start a blog?

    Here are some of the most common reasons that people want to become a blogger.

    • You are unhappy with your current 9 to 5 job and want to become your own boss.
    • You want to teach people more about your passion or hobby.
    • You a re a stay at home parent and want to earn an income while taking care of your kids.
    • You want to start a side income, that could maybe one day be your full time income.

    How will you make money blogging?

    How will you continually grow your blog?

    Let’s answer some of these questions.

    “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Yes, that’s true for everything. 

    Creating a plan will help you see the bigger picture, so you can know what you are working towards.

    What Will You Blog About

    Blogging needs to be fun and not a chore.  I would recommend you choose a topic for your blog that you are passionate about, something that you know a lot about or something that you really like.

    Remember that readers need your help with something. What do you know enough about to answer questions that people might have.

    Any topic can work and make money.  You can choose to blog about one thing or several topics.  It’s entirely up to you. 

    Here are some examples:

    • Fitness and Health
    • Lifestyle
    • Food
    • Electronics
    • Finance
    • DIY
    • Business
    • Travel
    • Animals
    • Family
    • The Outdoors
    • Inspiration and Motivation

    The beauty of it, is that it’s your blog and you choose the direction.

    Start A Blog

    You will never know what could have been if you don’t try and you can’t be a full time blogger unless you start a blog.

    It’s easier that you think.

    It’s more affordable than you think.

    You don’t need to know how to code or have master technical skills.  WordPress has made it extremely straight forward.

    Get an affordable web designer to set up a blog for you, just the framework.

    All you have to do is add the articles that you write about your chosen topic.

    So in this step all you have to do is Start.

    High Quality Content

    You want to attract readers who will keep coming back for more.  To do so your blog needs high quality content that readers will enjoy.

    Put in the work and do your research.  Read a lot.  Read other blogs, articles, books and look up statistics.  If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

    Write in your own voice and develop your own style.  Your readers will learn to know you and love what you have to say.

    Always read your own content before you hit publish.  Check your work for any mistakes, spelling and grammar.  Take time to edit and publish when you’re ready.

    Network With Other Bloggers

    If you want to become a full time blogger you have to be open to make blogging friends.  Other bloggers are our friends, not food, I mean competition (I think I watched Finding Nemo one too many times).  But seriously, share content and  exchange guest posts.  That way you can reach a bigger audience and grow faster, you may also learn a new thing or two about blogging.

    So make connections and enjoy blogging.

    Find Ways To Monetize Your Blog

    How on earth are you going to make money from your blog, you may think to yourself.

    Luckily there are several ways to make money blogging:

    Affiliate Marketing

    This is where you can earn income by recommending someone else’s product that you love.

     You can write a review or share how it helped you or how much you love it and insert an affiliate link to the product. This way you will receive an income if someone buys through your link.  Normally the price stays the same for your reader or maybe you can even offer the product at a special discounted price that you have agreed upon with the seller.

    Blog Sponsorships

    This is where you place paid blog posts and advertisements on your blog in exchange for money.  There are different forms of advertisements including:

    • Guest blog posts
    • Sidebar advert with link
    • Advertisement in your Newsletter
    • Write a sponsored Review
    • Listings

    Display Advertising

    This is when you place ads on your blog in the sidebar, below the header, in an article or any other location.

    The most common way to place these ads are through Google Adsense.  You have to apply to Adsense with your blog to get accepted.  They have quite strict guidelines and will review your blog first.  An empty blog won’t do.  You’ll have to have a few well written original articles.  Rule of thumb is that you have to be blogging for about 6 months, but great blogs have been accepted earlier.

    Don’t give up.  I was turned down on my first attempt to sign up, but they will give you some feedback.  If you work on it you can re-apply, which I did and I got accepted.

    You earn a very small amount for every 1000 views and a bit more per click (that’s when a reader clicks on an ad on your website).

    Ezoic ads

    I have signed up two of my blogs to show ads with Ezoic.

    The good news is that Ezoic no longer has a minimum requirement for traffic to your site, you can join Ezoic quite early in your blogging journey, just make sure you have some good quality articles to be approved. It also helps if you are already approved by Adsense, but it is not necessary.

    If you want to monetize your site by placing ads – you can sign up with Ezoic here –

    Create Your Own Digital Product

    There are many products you can create and sell on your website, like an e-book or course.  If you’re an expert or know how to do something really well, you can help others by teaching what you know.

    On one of my blogs I sell printables for teachers to decorate their classroom, like alphabet posters, numbers, calendars etc.

    The idea is to create a product that fits with your chosen niche. Like for example if you have a blog about parties or kids parties, you can sell party printables, like themed happy birthday banners, food labels, cooldrink bottle labels or cupcake toppers.

    You just have to be creative and come up with something around you niche.

    Share, Share, Share

    Track your amount of page views and continually work towards growing them.  This can help increase your income.

    Tips On How To Improve Your Blog’s Page Views

    Social Media

    Top sources of traffic include Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.  There are of course loads more platforms you can use, these are just my favourites.  The key is to create great images with catchy titles and descriptions. 

    Consistency is key, so pin regularly to Pinterest or post regularly to your platforms.

    Consistency Is Key

    Post regularly.  You should publish content at least a few times a week. 

    Guest Post

    This can be a great way to reach new readers who may check out your blog and start to follow you.

    Make Your Content Easy To Share

    People like to share anything interesting.  Make sure your social icons are easy to find.

    Come Up With Catchy Headlines

    Catchy headlines can influence readers to click on your articles or not.


    That sounds pretty intimidating.  Simply put – it’s using the right keywords in your posts and headlines so that Google can figure out what your post is about.  This helps them connect the right content with the words people search for on Google.  So it helps with being found.

    Make Your Blog Easy To Browse

    Make it easy for readers to find related posts by placing links in your articles, this is called interlinking.  Also make your menu’s and categories easy to navigate.

    Bloggers are creators, entertainers and problem solvers.

    Be creative with your blog, share tips, tricks, how-to’s or answer questions. In the end your blog is there to help people, if you keep this in mind, you’ll do great.