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How To Become An Influencer In South Africa


    So you’re a total newbie to influencer marketing.

    Is it even possible in South Africa?

    Everybody wants to be an influencer these days, but what does is really mean to be an influencer?

    What is an Influencer?

    An Influencer is a person who has a following on social media (usually in a specific niche) and can have an influence on the buying power of their audience through their expertise knowledge, position and relationship with their audience.

    Brands can collaborate with influencers to use their social media reach to achieve their marketing objectives.

    It’s time to start building your social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and even TikTok.

    Does The Size Of Your Audience Matter?

    What does it help if you have thousands of followers, but can’t connect with them. Brands are looking for people that are authentic and have an engaging audience who is truly interested their life.

    I have a profile with THE SALT and have been part of a few campaigns. They are looking for Real people that can connect a brand with their real audience.

    Where to start?

    It is best to sign up with influencer agencies, I can highly recommend The Salt.

    I don’t have a big following on my personal platform Mariska – It takes a Tribe yet, but you can view the paid campaigns below that I have been a part of with The Salt.

    1. The Salt

    Anyone who has a social media presence and/or a car can sign up and create a profile on The Salt.

    It may take a while to get invited to work on a campaign, so keep your profile up to date. From time to time they will load new short surveys on your dashboard, be sure to fill them in and submit to earn points, to get invited to take part in campaigns.

    How does it work?

    • You simply create a profile on the SALT.
    • They use info in profiles to see which people are a good match with brands.
    • They invite you to apply for a campaign.
    • You apply to the campaign and they send a short list of people to the brand.
    • If chosen, they give you training and step by step info and guidance for each post that you need to create.
    • Depending how long the campaign is, you get paid every month after completing your tasks.

    Campaigns that I’ve worked on

    I was blessed to be a part of an OutSurance campaign that included a social media and car branding component. This was a 6 months campaign and I loved every moment.

    A 3 month Boss dog food campaign that included social media posts and trying their super awesome dog food, that my dogs went crazy over.

    I was also a part of anther car branding campaign for 3 months for Ring – Always home, doorbell camera’s. For this campaign only my car was branded and I did not have to post anything.

    All of these campaigns lasted for 3 to 6 months and all influencers taking part was paid monthly after our check in and tasks were completed.

    2. Brand Advisor

    You can easily sign up with Brand Advisor. It is not a paying platform, they work on a trade exchange basis where you can opt-in to receive free products to try out and review.

    I was part of the Dr.Beckmann’s Colour and Dirt collector sheets campaign. Not that exciting, I got to do laundry, lol. You’ve got to start somewhere, right.

    It actually turned out to be a really cool product, where you can just dump all your laundry in the washing machine with two of their little washing sheets, and it catches any dirt and colour runs. No more pink socks – that used to be white.

    Brand Advisor frequently has new campaigns where you can opt-in. They will email you if there are any new products to try.

    The package gets couriered to you along with a basic guideline of the posts they require and the deadlines for each. After you’ve posted and tried the product, you get to leave an honest review on their website. As easy as that.

    Here are 2 more platforms where you can sign up for trade exchanges. I haven’t done any campaigns with them, but you can check them out.

    3. Home Tester Club

    4. Mumbox

    Please share if you have been a part of any influencer campaigns, or if you know of any opportunities for newbie’s.