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Tens, Twenties & Fifties savings challenge – Succulent themed


    Just as plants grow with care and attention, your financial well-being will flourish with consistent savings.

    Whether you’re new to saving or looking to level up your financial game, this succulent-themed savings trackers with matching envelopes will help you set and reach your savings goals.

    Before we dive deeper, don’t forget to grab your free Plant Savings Tracker below to kickstart your savings journey.

    You might wonder, why succulents? Succulents are known for their resilience, just like your financial goals. They thrive with consistent care and attention. By combining the beauty of succulents with the pursuit of financial wellness, I hope to inspire you to nurture your savings and watch them flourish.

    How To Get Started

    Getting started is a breeze. You can find the free download below.

    Simply click the link, download the tracker, and you’re ready to embark on your savings journey.

    1. Click on the FREE Plants Savings Tracker and Print it out.
    2. Decide what your saving goal is going to be. Let’s say you want to save $/R 1 000. Divide the 1000 by the 100 plants, that means that each plant is $/R 10. So for every 10 you add to your savings, you can color one plant. So if you save 30, you can color 3 plants.
    3. Start saving and marking off your progress as you go by coloring in the amount you save.
    4. Watch your savings grow!

    Free Plants Savings Tracker Download

    I am dedicated to always bring you the best resources with free options, so that no matter your situation, you can start SAVING and paying off your debt.

    While the Plants Savings Tracker is a fantastic start, remember that it’s just the beginning of your journey toward financial wellness.

    Explore my blog for additional resources, tips, budgeting and loads more savings challenges.

    Tens, Twenties and Fifties

    Savings Challenge Set

    This set includes an A4 Savings tracker, an A6 Savings tracker (that fits in a budget binder) and a matching cash envelope for each value.

    You can get this set in my Etsy store here

    A6 size Savings Challenges – Tens, Twenties and Fifties

    You can get this set on my store or on Etsy:

    You will get all three these Savings Challenges with their matching cash envelope templates.

    What’s included in this set:

    • Tens Savings Challenge: Save all your 10 notes, mark it off on the tracker and place it in the matching envelope.
    • Twenties Savings Challenge: Stash away your 20 notes, mark it off on the tracker and place it in the matching envelope.
    • Fifties Savings Challenge: Save your 50 notes, mark it off on the tracker and place it in the matching envelope.
    • This set now includes the A6 versions of the Succulent themed tens, twenties and fifties savings trackers.

    Whether you start with the free plants savings tracker or explore the other options, your financial well-being will flourish.

    Whichever path you choose, we’re here to celebrate your financial achievements. Let’s celebrate your progress, share your photo’s on our Facebook community.

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