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Free Valentines Savings Challenge Envelope


    Chocolate’s, cards, flowers, teddies, dinner dates, maybe a little getaway, it all sounds so romantic, but also costs money.

    Don’t go into debt trying to plan the perfect Valentine’s day, start saving for it now.

    I created a cute free savings envelope to help get you started.

    Get The Valentine’s Envelope Now

    How To Make The Savings Envelope:

    1. Click on the link to Download the Valentine’s Day Savings Envelope now.
    2. Print it out.
    3. Cut out the envelope template, fold along the lines and glue the 2 flaps.
    4. You’re ready to start saving.

    How To Use The Valentine’s Envelope:

    1. Decide how much you want to save and write it by Total.
    2. Divide the total by the 20 spaces available to save, write it by ” Each space = “

    For example: If you want to save 1000, you divide it by 20 which equals 50. So for every 50 you save, you can color a line. When all lines are colored-in you will have 1000 in the envelope. You can complete as many envelopes as you like. Just print out another one.

    4. Remember to color in a line every time you place the money in the envelope.

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