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Valentine’s Day Savings Challenges A6


    Effortlessly save and prepare for Valentine’s day so that you can create unforgettable moments and memories, that won’t break the bank.

    Whether you’re saving for flowers, chocolates, cards, a nice dinner, weekend away or all of the above, this savings challenges will help you out.

    What’s included in the Valentine’s day savings challenge?

    3 x Savings Challenge printables A6 size. Save 400, save 1000 and save a custom amount of your choice.

    How To Do The Valentine’s Day Savings Challenge?

    1. Get the Valentine’s Day Savings Challenge set on Etsy here. 
    2. After purchase the pdf file will be available immediately for download.
    3. Print it out.
    4. Choose which savings challenge you want to do first.
    5. Start saving. Get a piggy bank, a jar or an envelope to keep your savings in. Every time you add money to your piggy bank you mark off how much you added on the savings challenge.
    6. When everything is marked off on a savings challenge, you will have saved the amount shown on the bottom of the tracker.
    7. One of the savings trackers has a space for a custom amount where you can decide how much you want to save.

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